How To Tell If Your Garage Door Has Been Hit By Lightning

Lightning is a powerful force of nature that can be mesmerizing to look at ,but sometimes the damages it causes can be harsh and very destructive. Lightning occurs during thunderstorms when electrostatic discharge occurs.

Lightning can damage all types of things, such as trees, power lines, television dishes and yes, even garage doors.  When your garage door has been struck by lightning your best option is to call a professional repairman for help fixing the damage done.

When determining if your garage door has been struck by lightning before you call in an expert there are certain things to look out for which prove that your garage doors has in fact been hit by lightning.

Maybe after a large storm your garage door does not want to open or maybe your garage door starts functioning differently. Here are some things to look out for that could be a problem due to lightning damage:

  • An inoperative garage door opener- If after a storm ,your garage door doesn’t work properly it could be the result of a power surge that has hit a sensor or your logic board. The logic board makes the whole system operational and is vital for the functionality of your garage door.
  • An inoperable remote- Sometimes after a storm one’s garage door remote can stop working. If the main unit has been struck by the lightning from the storm it will result in the opener not responding to the command given by the remote when the button is pushed to either open the door or to close the door.
  • LED lights that have stopped working- When a garage door opener is fully operational the LED lights beam to show that it is working properly. If lightning strikes the unit, the LED lights may stop working full stop.
  • A damaged circuit board- The circuit board to a garage door will flash on and off to warn a person that it is not functioning and this can happen after a storm where the circuit board has been damaged by lightning.