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Garage Door Repairs  Trevenna is a repairs company that’s sole purpose is the empowerment of Garage Door Repairs  Trevenna  all over South Africa, from our employees to our clients.The definition of Garage Door Repairs  Trevenna  empowerment is giving Garage Door Repairs  Trevenna  a voice.It’s giving them and letting them take their power back. It’s all about having equal rights.

Being paid the same price as a man is. Getting a promotion because of all the hard work you put in day in and day out, instead of it being based on gender. The working world used to be ruled by men who thought that they were more skilled and more competent than Garage Door Repairs  Trevenna .

These men thought Garage Door Repairs  Trevenna  belonged back at home, barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen cooking a nice, warm meal for their husband, the hard worker to come home to. They thought Garage Door Repairs  Trevenna  had no place getting their hands dirty in the working world and that they were too weak. These men were in fact incorrect.

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The empowerment of Garage Door Repairs  Trevenna  also includes their education- in a lot of places all over the globe, who are denied education,  or receive a lesser form of education as opposed to males. Garage Door Repairs  Trevenna  empowerment is all about giving Garage Door Repairs  Trevenna  the power of being able to read and being able to learn so that they can better themselves and so that they can make their own choices, independently. While some Garage Door Repairs  Trevenna  prefer not working, others love it. You never know if you are going to like something until you try it .You know how the saying goes – ‘Don’t knock it ‘till you try it’. Another good saying that our company finds very valuable is ‘Practice makes perfect’.

Garage Door Repairs  Trevenna
Garage Door Repairs  Trevenna

We believe that Garage Door Repairs  Trevenna  are strong, smart, powerful beings who are capable of almost anything that they set their mind to.

That is why we first started our company that deals with all types of repairs.

Every single staff member in our company is female, giving Garage Door Repairs  Trevenna  a chance to thrive in the more manly world of trades. Our repairs company consists of female plumbers, female electricians, female interior designers, female architects and female handymen.

All of the Garage Door Repairs  Trevenna  in our company are all fully qualified and registered. Our team is there to repair and build anything you would like, whether it’s fixing a toilet, building an office, doing some rewiring, or fixing your broken garage door, our hands on team of girls can do it! Our department with the highest amount of praise, that we are very proud of are our team of Garage Door Repairs  Trevenna  that install, design and repair garage doors. They are considered one of the leading teams in the country and we applaud them for this.  They have designed garage doors that have made it to the front cover of magazines and they have won many awards. They don’t do it for the praise, they do it for the satisfaction. They say just as a child enjoys playing building blocks, getting hands on and creating something, they too enjoy doing this as adults.

They say there is nothing more rewarding than creating a garage door that a client loves the look of or fixing a garage door that a client thought was completely done for.

Garage Roller shutter doors Trevenna
Garage Roller shutter doors Trevenna

Another part of the job that our all female employees love, is making their female clients feel safe.

Sometimes it can be hard out there as a female client – some men in the more manly fields of work will charge a female more as they know the female has no idea what the average prices should be.