• Can you help me fix a broken spring on my garage door even though it’s after hours?

Yes indeed, we have a twenty four hour team can that come out and do the spring replacement for you. Just give us a call on our afterhours number and we will give you a quote and assist you. Do not try and fix the spring by yourself, it can be a very dangerous job for someone who is not trained.

  • Can you ladies fix any brand of garage doors or only specific ones?

Our team can absolutely repair any brand of garage door. Any shape, any colour ,any size – we can fix it all. There is no job that we are not able to repair.

  • I feel like my garage doors is so noisy and extremely deafening. What could the problem be?

It could be one of a few reasons. It might be because one of the parts of your garage door are too old and need to be replaced or lubricated. Examples of the parts that might need to be replaced or repaired could be the chains or the springs. Call a professional to come and help you figure out what is causing this excessive noise.

  • Do you ladies offer a guarantee once the work is completed?

Yes we most certainly do. Our guarantee is valid for five months after the completion of all repairs and up to thirteen months for all new garage doors and operating systems.

  • What is the best way to compare prices to make sure we are getting a service that is affordable?

Go have a look at home department stores and builders shops for the prices of the equipment you need. Another good way to compare prices is to get a few different quotes from different companies that operate within your area.