Accounting For Getting Rid Of Your Old Garage Door Opener And Getting One With Photocell Sensors

Accounting For Getting Rid Of Your Old Garage Door Opener And Getting One With Photocell Sensors:

Garage door openers can last you a good number of years, if installed correctly and have regular maintenance done. Even though your garage door opener might be in good working condition there might still be a need to change it.

Technology is constantly changing, people are always inventing new technology and improving the old technology as well. Garage door openers are also constantly being updated and improved , and the more current ones on the market are safer to use, promote better security measures and are much easier to use than the older models. Let’s take a look and see what some reasons for getting a new garage door opener with photocell sensors could be:

  • Having a garage door with a photocell sensor system. It is a system that has particular safety attributes. It helps with the safety of the automatic closing garage door. While it’s lovely to have a door that closes by itself, before the photocell sensor system was invented , the door would close based on a timer that was set, and if you were in the way of the door you would have to jump out of the way else it would crush you.
  • Now thanks to this updated form of technology systems, there are two sensors placed on either side of the garage door just off of the ground and if it picks up the motion of an object, person or animal in its way it will automatically stop itself from closing and open back up again.
  • Making it safe for kids who might run out the car to go to their parent, or making it safe for the excited household dog who managed to get into the garage as it was opening, sees another dog in the street and tries to run out, making it safe for the dog or the kid to not get injured.